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Murder On The Eightfold Path

I dont know about this, Stella said.

They stood in the front parlor of Little Peavy Farm, Stellas home. The room was a bewildering visual gallimaufry of patterns and colors: green and red flowered chintzes vied with black and yellow checks and blue and pink stripes for air space. The only consistent motif was cats. Live ones-four full-sized and very friendly cats were closely investigating the visitors-and representational ones. A cat-faced wall clock offered a Cheshire grin, cat-shaped throw pillows littered the sofas and chairs, and there were paintings of cats, cat-shaped candles, and numerous cat statues.

Youre beginning to sound like a broken record. Its quite simple, Elysia was apparently working from the hypothesis that if she kept playing her own broken record long enough someone would be bound to believe her. Youll get in and establish your cover, that you are filthy rich, have a big fat mouth, and are lonely and desperate. Then youll bugger off. With a new hairdo. What is there to object to in any of that?

Stella stared at her long and steadily. Theyre not just going to instantly start trying to blackmail me. Itll take time to find me the right man.

A lifetime. But theyre not actually going to try to find you the right man, Elysia said. You do realize, I hope, that all this is not in aid of improving your social life?

A.J. put in hurriedly, Dont worry, were not going to try to crack the blackmailing operation ourselves. She ignored Elysias obvious displeasure; they had argued this point at length. Were not expecting you to do any real investigating. All were trying to do is show the police that there are sufficient grounds here for their own in-depth investigation-and that Mother is not the only viable suspect.

Elysia smiled sweetly when Stella glanced at her.

A.J. said, So all we really need is for the blackmailer or blackmailers to approach you, to make the first move in setting up a scenario that would obviously leave you vulnerable to blackmail. We can take that to Jake who can then take it to his superiors.

Like what kind of scenario?

Well, for example, if a young, handsome man suddenly asks you out.

We all know how unlikely that is, Elysia drawled. A.J. shot her a look, which Elysia blandly ignored.

Stella still looked doubtful.

A.J. said, I promise you dont have to go through with anything you dont want to.

I just dont think Id be any good at this kind of thing. Stella said.

It doesnt matter, Elysia replied. Were going to sweeten the deal and make you all but irresistible. We have a theory that theyll be looking for one quick, easy score. They have to know time is running out on their operation.

That was Elysias theory; A.J. wasnt convinced.

But what if these people running The Salon are the murderers? If theyve killed three people to protect this blackmail operation, I cant imagine theyll abandon ship now, Stella said.

We think Stewie and Gloria are probably in cahoots in a blackmail operation, but we dont think theyre killers. Of course, we dont know that for a fact, it just doesnt seem like very good business.

Theres an assumption, Stella commented.

Theres no danger. They have no reason to connect you with us or with any investigation. As far as they know youre just another lonely, frumpy dowager.

Dowager! Stella gave a hoot of laughter.

A.J. shot her mother a repressive look. We dont think theres any danger, but you would have to be careful, obviously. These murders may not be connected. We dont even know for sure that Peggy Graham was murdered. But if someone was frightened or desperate enough to kill once, theres no telling what they might do if she or he thought you were snooping.

Im betting our friends Gloria and Stewie know that once theyve been brought to the attention of the police, theyll never be fully forgotten again. Greed will make them want to go for one last score, but they wouldnt take any foolish chances.

But once again, A.J. reminded them both firmly, We dont know how deeply Gloria and Stewie are involved. We dont know who Madame X is. It could be Gloria.

It could be Stewie, Elysia put in. And at the look A.J. gave her, she made a little moue. Probably not. Dicky was fairly conservative in his tastes.

A.J. continued, We think shes a customer at The Salon, but she might not be. She might have no connection with The Salon at all. You have to be on guard. Remember, shes not your target. Were strictly interested in proving theres a blackmail ring so that the police will investigate further.

Stella considered this grimly. What if this Stewie and Gloria dont take the bait?

Youll have had a complete makeover. That alone is a service to mankind, Elysia stated.

Stella gave her a withering look. I cant afford that kind of thing.

Ill pay. Its my neck on the block, after all.

Stella opened her mouth, but A.J. said quickly, Its worth it to us, Stella. We have to do something to show the police that theres more than one motive for Dicky being killed. We dont have anything to lose by trying-so long as youre careful and dont take any foolish chances.

But how long would I have to keep this charade up for?

We dont know, admitted A.J. uncomfortably. Hopefully not too long. If we cant get them to move within two weeks, well have to try something else.

Two weeks! You want me to go somewhere and pretend to be someone else for two weeks?

We have to establish a cover for you. You cant be living here as Stella Borin and going to The Salon as someone else because theyre bound to check up on you.

But where am I going?

Oh, well figure that out. Were going to devise a legend for you, Elysia said.

A what?

Your cover story. Elysia apparently saw herself in the film adaptation of a le Carr'e novel. Now I think the best thing will be to introduce you as my long-lost great aunt.

Great aunt! Stella objected. Youre as old as I am, Elysia Alexander!

No, A.J. interrupted. Stella cant be associated with us in any way. Three people have died already. We have to make sure theres no obvious connection between Stella and us.

Elysia said reluctantly, I suppose youre right. Although I think its worth the risk.

Ive been thinking about this part. Andy will help us. Stella can pretend to be his widowed aunt. She can stay at his parents vacation home in Byram. It keeps her safely away from Stillbrook, but its close enough to Newton that its not unreasonable she might go to The Salon.

Stella had been listening to this with a deepening dismay. But what about my critters?

A good shampoo will take care of that, Elysia said blandly. Youll see.

Stella gave her a stony look.

Ill take care of your animals, A.J. promised. You can just tell me what to do.

Not with your back, Stella said. She turned a considering eye on Elysia. But if Elysia gives me her word shell take care of my farm while Im away, then I suppose I could do her this favor.

The gazes of the two older women locked. After an apparent inward struggle, Elysia summoned a gracious smile. Of course. It will be my pleasure.

Then I guess I agree.

Elysia said smoothly, And Ill stay with Stella to monitor the operation.

Stella said, Id rather take my chances with the murderers.

Ill stay with her, A.J. intervened. You just promised to take care of the animals.

I can drive back and forth.

No you cant. Thats ridiculous. Weve already said there cant be a connection to us. Me staying with her is bad enough.

Then Ill pay someone to take care of the animals. You have a business to run.

Oh no, Stella said flatly. Im not trusting my critters to paid strangers. You gave your word.


But me no buts, Stella said. Either you take care of the critters or I stay to take care of them.

Oh, for-!

A wide smile broke across Stellas face. Dont you worry. Ill leave you detailed directions on exactly what to do, Elysia.

Lily was in her office when A.J. arrived at Sacred Balance. A.J. went into her own office and called Andy, explaining what she and Elysia were planning with Stellas help. As she had surmised, he was enthusiastic about the idea.

In fact his only regret was that he would be unable to take a more active role as he and Nick were going out of town.

Youre going on vacation? Where?

Paris. He sounded a little smug, and she wasnt surprised.

Oh, you lucky dog.

He chuckled. Yeah. But not to worry, I can lay the groundwork for the sting.

A.J. sighed. You and Mother are a pair. I swear we were switched at birth and youre her real child.

She could hear the smile in his voice as he said, Ill call The Salon and set up the appointment for my widowed auntie, and Ill be sure to drop a few tantalizing tidbits about how rich and reckless she is.

Perfect. Dont overdo it, of course, but make her sound like the perfect mark.

Dont worry. Shell be chum to the sharks.

A.J. inwardly shivered at that description, but there was no use pretending that they were not trying to turn Stella into irresistible bait for some very unscrupulous people.

She and Andy chatted a little longer. He promised to call her back as soon as hed finished working out the details, and she rang off.

Turning on her laptop, she began to go through the days e-mail. She was tempted to call Jake and tell him what she, her mother, and Stella were planning, but she fought back the urge. As Elysia had often pointed out, it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

There was a soft knock on her half-open door.

A.J. glanced up to see Chess Cox standing in the doorway to her office.

Startled, she rose and pulled open the door. Hello!

Hi. Do you have a minute?

Of course. Come in. A.J. was surprised at this impromptu visit, but Chess seemed perfectly nice and there was no reason they shouldnt be at least cordial. Right?

So why did A.J. feel suddenly on the defense?

Chess entered the office and sat down. A.J. sat, too. Chess was smiling, her light eyes studying A.J. with friendly curiosity. I probably should have called first, but since I was here anyway, I just thought we should get to know each other a little.

Why? A.J. wondered. But she didnt say that. Of course. What do you think of the studio? Did you enjoy your class?

Oh, its wonderful. Youve got a terrific operation here.

Thank you. There was a pause and A.J. offered Chess tea, which she declined.

I wont stay long. Its just its such a strange situation. Chess was smiling. I guess theres no way to prepare for something like this.

I guess not.

Chess seemed open, even unnervingly candid. Generally A.J. appreciated the direct approach so she couldnt understand her own resistance to the other womans friendly overture, unless it was something as simple as good old-fashioned jealousy. Shed have liked to think she was a little more sophisticated than that, but maybe not.

Chess said, Im going to be honest here. Im just feeling very much on the outside. Everyone speaks so highly of you. And Jake is obviously very fond of you.


Im not criticizing anyone, but I do get the feeling that some people see me as an interloper. Not Jake, obviously. Jake couldnt be more-

No. She couldnt do this.

I dont mean to be unkind, A.J. interrupted. But I cant sit here talking to you about my relationship with Jake-or listen to you talk about it.

Chess looked instantly serious. I understand. I just thought if we knew something about each other, it might make it easier.

Make what easier? A.J. wondered. How was knowing each other going to make anything easier? Did Chess honestly think they were going to be friends? Did she think there was some way to share Jake? What was she thinking? A.J. couldnt figure her out at all.

Ive known Jake for a long time, Chess said. Leaving him was the hardest thing I ever did in my life, but I had to do it to protect him.

A.J. stared at her earnest lovely face, and something clicked into place. Chess was playing on her sympathies, on her guilt. Chess wanted her to back off-why? A.J. had already backed off. If Chess didnt know, it was because Jake wasnt sharing that information, and A.J. felt immeasurably better. Whatever was between her and Jake was still between her and Jake.

I cant judge, A.J. said. I wasnt there.

Chess said wryly, People say that when theyre judging you.

A.J. stood up. Chess, I cant begin to understand your situation, so Im not judging you. But I know Jake-maybe not as well as you did-but I know him well enough to know what he would think about us sitting here talking about him.

I thought we were talking about us, Chess said coolly.

A.J. smiled. I dont think we are. Not really. And I think it would be difficult for us to be anything more than polite acquaintances at this stage. She added, But I appreciate the gesture. Youre very gracious.

Chess rose, too. Her smile was terse. Well, thats clear enough.

I appreciate the gesture, A.J. repeated.

Nice chatting with you.

Good-bye, A.J. said firmly.

She closed the door softly, carefully, after Chess walked away.

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