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The Transpersonal Supraself and the Dyad's Own Security

In the two books The Human Biocompnter and The Center of the Cyclone, the concepts of something greater than human operating in one's life are presented. In these books specific instances of these operations are given. The term "transpersonal" means something beyond the human unique ego or Self. There is a publication called the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, which is devoted to the studies of this aspect of Self. The term "supraself" I introduced in The Center of the Cyclone as covering those experiences in which the Self listens to, is taught by and is immersed in inner realitiesbeyond those of the Self functioning in the external reality or in its own internal reality.

In a description of the operational domains of the realities available to humans, I have written (in the above two books) of the external reality (e.r.) and the internal reality (i.r.). I have in the last two years added a third domain, the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.). These realities are defined as follows:

In the ordinary everyday consensus external reality, the Self functions mainly at the boundary between i.r. and e.r. The operations of the body are considered to be in the external reality, the operations of the mind in the internal reality. The Self metaprogrammer (The Human Biocomputer) functions in the internal reality (i.r.) and uses the body in the external reality (e.r.). In the isolation tank, the external reality (e.r.) is attenuated to the point where the Self metaprogrammer can inhibit the few remaining clues as to the existence of the e.r. and immerses itself in the i.r. The Self metaprogrammer immersed in the i.r. then can have "transpersonal" or supraself experiences.

The supraself is considered as an autonomous metaprogrammer; in addition, the supraself metaprogrammer can be seen to program the Self or the Self metaprogrammer in such a way as to move it into the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.). (In the less precise older language: "The Self can imagine and live in nonordinary realities, created in the mind.")

The supraself metaprograms and the supraself can be detected as functioning when the Self metaprogrammer (the Self) is functioning with respect to the external reality or to the internal reality. The transition to the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.) is experienced when the Self or the Self metaprogrammer gives up or allows the supraself or the supraself metaprogrammer to take over and program the Self. In the farther reaches of the e.t.r. the Self loses its identity and becomes the supraself or the supraself metaprogrammer. In most people this process of allowing or of identifying with the supraself metaprograms is apparently not experienced as frequently as the immersion of the Self metaprogrammer within the internal reality. The experiences are said to become transpersonal or beyond the Self when the actual identification of Self with the supraself occurs.

These terms are operational, that is they are used in mapping descriptions of real experiences. They are not dogmatic doctrine to be followed. These concepts are aids in describing experiences. Once one has such experiences and examines them, the concepts can be used to create new experiences. The language, originally descriptive, becomes injunctive or directive.

In ordinary everyday life one can feel the operation of the supraself, the supraself metaprogramming, directing one in a subtle unconscious way. Once one has had experiences of identification with the supraself, these daily operations become more and more conscious, i.e., supraself metaprogramming becomes part of everyday ordinary life to a much greater extent in the conscious sphere than it is in, say, childhood. Advanced consciousness, in the way that we are using the term, develops throughout one's life as one begins to make distinctions of the above sorts.

My own experiences as given in The Center of the Cyclone and in The Human Biocomputer necessitated the development of this terminology in order to be able to talk about and to teach what I have learned in these regions. The three domains (external, internal, and extraterrestrial) do not define all the phenomena capable of being experienced. There are domains beyond the extraterrestrial reality. After the fusion of the Self with the supraself and transpersonal experiences are beginning, one finds that one can go still further. At this point one loses one's identity totally and one becomes "all others" in the universe. As I state in The Center of the Cyclone (Chapter 17), one joins the network of Creators in which the individual Self fuses with the network of those who are doing the creation continuously at very high levels. Here there is no more of one's Self or of one's supraself. One is the ultimate creative process. This region I symbolize by the Network (N). In The Center of the Cyclone I called this region "plus three." I find "the Network" a more satisfactory term than "plus three" of the Gurdjieffian numbering system. .

During the last five years with Toni, I have experienced these regions a number of times. Each time I have experienced a little more consciousness of my supraself and of its fusion with other supraselves. Each time there is an increasingly clear loss of individuality, each time the "state of being" of unity with the cosmos has been increasingly powerful.

While writing my latest book, Simulations of Cod: The Science of Belief, I felt that it was being done through connections between me and my supraself; I stepped aside and "allowed" the ideas to come through from supraself and its connection with the Network.

When one can achieve connection with one's supraself in a conscious allowing way and can allow for the connection of that supraself to the Network (N), then one is maximally creative within the limits of what I call one's vehicle (the body and the brain). In the state of connection and of realization of the supraself by the Self it is as if something is writing or dictating through one's Self. As it were, the conscious functioning Self that operates with other people steps out of the way and allows the supraself to dictate the book or to do the work. I suspect that the above kind of functioning is similar (if not identical) to the state of grace of the Christians, to the practical Satori of the Buddhists and to the lower levels of Samadhi of the Yogis. (For the latter classification, see Table 1, page 148, The Center of the Cyclone, Julian Press edition, 1972).

The higher states of grace, the higher levels of Satori, the higher levels of Samadhi seem to correspond to the experiences of immersion in the Network. (For example, "fusion with the Universal Mind" is one description of such a state of being.)

Those who have not been in these domains may not respond directly to the descriptions of the experiences nor to the operational language resulting therefrom. Those who have been in these domains may come back and attempt to teach how to experience these domains to those who want to go there. One finds that most persons living in the consensus domain (e.r. plus a limited i.r.) who have not experienced other domains may either call one a holy man, a psychotic or a seditious propagandist. This widely spread attitude, this opinion, generates esotericism and the esoteric schools.

In our current United States society there are a large number of people who have experienced these domains using LSD, mescaline, peyote, or during close brushes with death, under anesthesia or in coma and, more rarely, through personal work resulting in enlightenment experience. Thus it is now becoming safer to write about such experiences, to describe them and to help these people to understand their experiences.

In my own case, I have found that it is safe to go through these experiences isolated in solitude from one's contemporary society. In the tank, one can safely move into the internal reality, experiencing one's Self-metaprogramming directly. One can then move under the behest of the supraself and allow supraself-metaprogramming to take over one's mind. Once this occurs one can go into the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.) and finally into the Network (N) and beyond the Network. After such experiences, on emersion from the tank, one can censor the account in the light of one's practical judgment about the social results of giving the account to one's contemporaries in the external reality. Used judiciously the tank technique can allow one to make the transition from the internal domains to social domains. One's own discipline in regard to one's own social domain allows one to adjust the balance between what the remembered experiences were and what one reports to others.

In our dyad this is a heavy program. Toni appreciates and respects my experiences in these regions. She also is far more aware of and has more respect for social consequences of communications on the planetside trip than I. Her connections to her family, to her garden, to her house, to her friends, to what I call her "village," gives her security, which she reflects in her relationship with me.

With this dyadic security, I feel free to pursue such explorations. Toni recounts experiences she has had in these regions in the past. During the period when this was legal in the early 1960s, she was in LSD therapy under the control and auspices of an LSD therapist. For example, she recounts an experience in which she joined the deep pulsations of Creation of the Universe with its pulsing, flowing, changing energies (at the boundary of the extraterrestrial reality [e.t.r.] and the Network [N] in the preceding terminology). On return from these domains she described the experience "as vast pulsating changes in the energy field," which she calls "large squiggles encompassing small squig-gles." She suddenly realized, "Oh, that's all there is to it!"

These experiences enabled her to appreciate firsthand what it is that I am describing. Before we met, her practical Self had been educated sufficiently in these regions to satisfy her Self metaprogrammer. She respects the vast forces, the suprahuman nature of her own experiences. Thus she feels secure during most of my explorations of these regions. She furnishes the basic platform from which I can launch from the dyad into these domains in the tank.

For example, recently I went into the tank at about 11 pm in the evening to explore the boundaries between the external reality (e.r.), the internal reality (i.r.) and the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.). I went into the tank in a particularly receptive frame of mind and was willing to allow my supraself to do its own thing. In this particular case, the supraself was allowing my Self to continue conscious functioning during the experience.


"The experience starts with my physical body lying quietly at the surface of the Epsom salts solution in the dark in the silence. The feeling of flotation is deep and profound. Gradually a deep pulsation starts at a frequency of about one every two seconds, a slow sine wave motion. These deep pulsations are so strong that my self feels that there may be a very large earthquake taking place. I raise my head above the surface of the water and listen. I feel the sides of the tank with my hands. The water itself is not moving. The sides of the tank are not moving. With this check on the e.r., I lie down again; the pulsations continue. The frequency of the pulsations goes up until finally there is a very high-pitched roaring sound. There has been a smooth transition from the very low-frequency vibrations to higher- and higher-frequency vibrations.

"I am then programmed down back into the lower-frequency vibrations. It is as if I am going from far-off resonance to a closer and closer resonance with some sort of a huge carrier wave coming from the e.t.r. As the frequency of the vibrations decreases, I realize that these are 'beat frequencies/ that my inherent oscillator has changed its frequency more toward the critical frequency coming from the e.t.r. (The 'beat frequency' is the difference in frequency between my oscillator and the carrier frequency from the e.t.r.) Slowly but surely I move toward the e.t.r. carrier frequency and the vibrations slow down until there is only one every minute.

"At the instant that I approach resonance with the e.t.r. carrier, the walls of the tank disappear, my physical body disappears. I

realize my 'Self' as a point of consciousness within another body that I call 'my simulation of the physical body.' Somehow the water and the tank are still there but the walls of the tank have decreased to about one foot in height, above the water at the exposed surface of the floating body. The 'external reality' around the tank opens up, the room disappears and the lawn outside the tank house appears continuous up to the edges of the tank.

" T lie there and realize that there are other 'human beings' wandering around on the lawn. They are all nude, men and women, apparently visitors to our home. One of them, a rather nice-looking young lady, comes over and looks into the tank and sees me lying there. She doesn't say anything. I see her rather beautiful face, her breasts and her body, which is bending over the tank. She is staring at me. She then walks away. T get up out of the water and move into the house where I know that Toni is watching television. The house is very much the way it normally is in the evenings, dimly lighted. I see Toni's body lying on the pillows in front of the television set. I call to her. 'She' gets up out of her body and comes over to me. We have a conversation in which I tell her about getting out of the body, about the other people out in the yard and the woman who looked at me. 'She' gets up out of her physical body; 'she' has a body like the one that I am in, in that it is separate from the physical body. Her mobile body is unclothed; her physical body is clothed. We discuss some very personal things, which I do not want to report."

In considering this experience afterward I realized that this is the first time that "I" have been able to hold on to the earthside external domain (coordinates) in such an experience. I have been trying for several years to keep "myself" on this planet when having experiences in the e.t.r. domain.

In spite of reading Robert A. Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body, I had missed the whole domain of experience in which he describes very similar, if not identical, kinds of happenings. I had not consciously programmed before this particular tank episode to have such an experience. However, deep down inside

I have wanted to have experiences like Monroe's. My previous experience in this domain had always skipped this particular kind of experience. (I was trying to go much further out and succeeded.) It is also the first time that I had a "body" in these regions. In general, "I" tend to travel as "a point of consciousness." Apparently since living with Toni, I trust our environs more than I have at any previous time in my life. Previous to this, I had always skipped the "e.r. domain," the region around the tank and the region having to do with this planet.

This experience convinced me that I could now trust our environment, that I could now trust our dyad and was willing to allow the supraself to program me into such experiences in my own "e.r. neighborhood." Toni's insistence that the transpersonal and the personal can be experienced here and now on this planet finally convinced "me" that it was safe to do it this way.

Apparently our supraselves have become linked strongly enough in the dyad so that one can program the other. The dyad itself has now become stronger than either of the individual Selves within it. A dyadic supraself has developed (or has allowed connection to each of us) that does more and more of the programming without the previous dichotomy of two individual selves. (The belief structure now allows this concept.)

Long ago, in 1970 (see The Center of the Cyclone, Chapter 17, "State +3: Classical Satori; The Essence as One of the Creators"), I realized that there were many transitions of the Self, the supraself and the Network. Coming back from Network fusion, I was simultaneously billions of Selves, millions of Selves, thousands of Selves, tens of Selves, then two Selves, finally one Self. This recent experience showed me that there are many more dimensions to supraself relationships than I had realized. (Expansion of belief limits into new domains has taken place.)

In the above account I purposely have not used the terminology of "astral projection." There is so much literature, so many accounts and so many theories of the so-called "astral plane" that I find the region quite contaminated in the literature with a lot of theory and programs with which I do not agree. I now know what people mean by experiences "on the astral plan" as direct experiences. I do not yet agree with the multiple divisions and sort of very heavy theoretical considerations with which people have loaded the firsthand experiences.

One can explain such an experience by saying that it all existed within one human biocomputer, namely mine, and that this is a particular way of constructing one's simulations and moving among one's simulations. If one uses this explanation, I did not leave the tank at all and the whole construction above was in my own mind securely fastened in my brain. Most Western scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists would take this point of view. They would say it was a beautiful construction of John Lilly's imagination. All I say to such people is "have such experiences yourself and then see if this explanation is adequate for you."

I prefer not to try to explain such experiences on the basis of our currently limited Western scientific, psychiatric, and psychological point of view. I feel there is far more here than these theories can account for. I suggest that those who are really interested in experimentation in this region "do tank work and have these experiences." This is the one way we can develop a consensus science rather than a doctrinaire attitude, which generates put-downs toward such experiences in others.

I feel that medical and psychological personnel can explore personally such experiences in order to better understand their patients. Instead of tagging them with diagnostic labels such as "paranoid" or "schizophrenic breaks," loss of rationality, delusion, illusion and so forth, I suggest they pursue the experience themselves. In my experience with others (bright, intelligent people of all sorts) each can have such experiences under the proper circumstances. They can be reassured that the environment is sufficiently safe and that others before them have had the experiences. (The "others" are not mentally ill or locked up in institutions.)

In our new handbook The Deep Self,11 which deals with the tank work, we present the firsthand accounts of people, other than ourselves, who have gone through these experiences.

Thus, in our dyad, Toni and I mutually respect each other's experiences in these regions and find that they are very refreshing and quite entertaining. It adds a series of dimensions to our dyadic relationship, which gives us a stability and coherence that was rather rare in each of our previous lives. It is through experiences such as the above that we realize that we are connected in very subtle ways to one another and that our dyad is greater than either of us alone. (Refer to Chapter Zero.)

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