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Bodily Limits vs. Mind Unlimited in the Dyad

In three of my previous books, the concept of an unlimited mind in a limited body was presented.12 The following is a paraphrase of a statement I have made several times:

"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be found experientially and experimentally. Once discovered these limits are further beliefs to be transcended.

"Within the current mind, the body imposes definite limits. These limits are to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are to be expanded by physical exercises. When so expanded, the original limits, one finds, were transcended and new limits established. The newly expanded bodily limits help to expand the mind limits."

These basic statements apply in the dyad as well as to each individual in the dyad. The above "metabeliefs" (beliefs about beliefs) can be used in the dyad as supraself- and supradyad-metabeliefs to expand the limits of the dyad itself. If the metabeliefs can be transformed from strictly personal metabeliefs into dyadic metabeliefs, the dyad itself can expand its accomplishments.

Before meeting Toni, I was able to expand my own beliefs about beliefs, and I was able to extend my bodily limits through the proper physical exercises. Some of the details of this history are given in The Center of the Cyclone, pp. 99-100, and Appendix Three in The Dyadic Cyclone.

This system of metabeliefs can be extended beyond the dyad. Toni and I have introduced this set of beliefs about beliefs to many people at workshops, at meetings in our house, at lectures and among our friends. It is very gratifying to both of us to see the expansion of minds and the improvement of bodies through these rather intriguing statements.

We have each been through various regimes that expand the mind and its basic beliefs and its beliefs about each of our bodies.

When I was a student at Cal Tech, I spent two years doing judo and jiujitsu. Toni has gone through a course of aikido. We have each been through Ida Rolf's course of Rolfing for many hours. (Ida's program restores structural integration to the body. Rolfing allows one to determine which childhood traumas are responsible for certain weaknesses in the adult body, and frees one then to compensate for and eliminate them.) Toni is a proficient water skier and I am a fairly proficient snow skier. In our daily lives, daily shopping, etc., and on our vacation trips, each of us share the driving under rather difficult conditions on mountain roads and on freeways; our house is fifty miles from the center of Los Angeles and we do a lot of business there. We do daily exercises together and separately. Toni works in her garden and I do various kinds of construction and repair about our house.

These activities keep us in fairly good physical condition. We are not professional athletes and we are not professional teachers of bodily skills. Our main emphasis is in the expansion of basic beliefs about the limits of mind and, somewhat, about the limits of the body.

We participate with younger people in their dance programs, helping them in the various ways that we can. We have many opportunities to observe how far the body can be pushed in dancing, in music, in drama, in carpentry, in the skills necessary in construction of electronic equipment and in formal exercises such as hatha-yoga and similar activities.

We have rather a unique opportunity to check out the mental and physical skills of each other in mountain driving, practically daily. We live at the top of two and a half miles of a twelve-percent-grade mountain road, paved, with many turns. Most days we drive from 1,300 feet altitude to sea level, over this stretch of road. If any fundamental mistakes are made in this performance one either hits the rock wall on one side of the road or goes over the edge and drops into a deep canyon. This consistent daily reminder of how close we are to the edge of death through lack of skill or lack of attention keeps us on our mental and physical toes every day. To go shopping, to go to the bank, to visit friends, we must negotiate this rather difficult stretch of highway. We have to be able to handle this road late at night when we are tired, or early in the morning when we are just waking up, or during the day with various conditions of good feeling, bad feeling or fatigue.

I highly recommend this exercise for its demonstration of bodily limits and the interaction of the state of being of one's consciousness with one's physical condition. It furnishes a daily measure of where one is currently. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people do this sort of exercise daily, most of them not realizing that this is probably the most highly developed and dangerous form of meditation that man has ever developed on this planet.

Since we live in southern California and there is an abundance of good sunlight the year round, we spend as much time as we can, either in the nude or with the minimum amount of clothing, depending on who is present, exposed to that sunlight. Each of us has noted that sufficient sunlight also changes our state of mind, our state of being, in some very fundamental way. Our bodily limits are expanded by adequate sunshine. When either because of necessity of other work or because of a rainy period we are unable to get the sun, we notice a very slow but detectable deterioration in our bodily and mind performances. Once we can get back into the sun, we find that it gives us a lift in a very particular way that nothing else seems to be able to do. It is as if the human animal is so constructed that it periodically needs ultraviolet and infrared radiation of its blood and in its skin in order to stay in the best of health. There is some very fundamental biochemical research needed here to find out what these changes involve.

We find upon arising in the morning/ that no matter how we feel, whether we have had adequate rest during the night, or whether there was not enough sleep, if we can walk up our hill (a rise of 300 feet), the day is started out in a much more energetic way; the energy derived from this exercise of lifting ourselves this far every morning carries over into the rest of the day's activities. If for some reason or other we miss our walk, somehow that particular day is much slower. There isn't so much energy available for other projects. We also find that this exercise renders a by-product: it keeps our legs in good shape for skiing activities or walking in the mountains. Luckily, both our hearts are in very good condition; this exercise makes sure that they maintain good shape. Each of us has a good pair of lungs and this exercise also makes sure that these function adequately under all other conditions.

The physical physiology and psychology of sexual activities in each of us have become less pressing with the years. Each of us has had enough experience in this area with others so that somehow or other sexual impulses are no longer to us the be-all and end-all that they used to be. Each of us is used to and understands the traps that sex and entrancement can bring about. In the older Freudian theory of these matters, Freud promulgated in his Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex the theory that the basic impulses could be transformed into sources of energy for mental and physical disciplines. He called this process sublimation." At one time I was deeply immersed in psychoanalytic work and applied his theories both to patients and to myself. It seems to me that sublimation is a result of strenuous disciplines both in the mental sphere and in the physical sphere over many years. I agree with Freud that if these impulses are repressed and not allowed expression at certain critical phases in one's life, one then becomes a slave of these impulses expressed in hidden and covert forms. However, if at these critical phases these impulses are satisfied to their upper limits, then later, after many years, one automatically enters into a phase of greater and greater transformation of the sexual energy into other uses. I agree with Freud that this cannot be done by a mere operation of willpower. I prefer the mode which is too simplistically expressed by the phrase "wisdom through excess," and self-analysis.

In our dyad, each of us has a history of learning about these impulses through the help of other people, and for periods of time trying out various means of satisfying these impulses. We have each learned what is basic to our sexuality. We respect the demands of sexuality and no longer try to restrict it into repressive computerized repeating tapeloops kinds of activities and thought. We have each studied Tantric yoga and its teachings in regard to transformation of this energy into so-called higher states of being. These studies and practices have taught us that as one has more trips around the sun, these transformations become easier; the disciplines of the mind and of the body change from urgent reproductive needs into the ability to defer such actions more easily and with a greater degree of discrimination. Each of us has learned to value more the qualities of mind and spirit in people; to value the qualities of mind and spirit more than the sexual attractiveness of a given person. We neither demean nor worship sexual attractiveness; we place it in its proper contextwithin a mental and spiritual framework within which it is possible to effect transformations, without exerting the old-fashioned willpower in regard to these essential qualities of human beings.

About sexual energies and their programming, Toni says the following:

"Did you ever think that math or physics could be sexy? I recently realized that they can be powerful tools in what could be called metasex.13

"This point was made clear to me when our dear friend Heinz Von Foerster, the cyberneticist, was visiting recently. Heinz has the most remarkable quality of portraying meaning through mathematical concepts. He can apply new general principles to experiences, which create pictures of them with refreshing accuracy.

"Heinz and John were in deep, or a better term would be, dense, conversation about all sorts of fascinating concepts about teaching and learning. Heinz made the point that in John's books he mapped 'domains' instead of 'pathways.' The difference between the two approaches in my own thinking and experience suddenly became clearer. I could go "meta" immediately by using this concept ("going meta" is the process of getting out of the programs into the metaprogrammic level).

"Meditating on it further produced all sorts of other breakthroughs automatically. In other words, in the new metaprogram I meditate on domains and not on the pathways; this procedure expanded the possible, allowable set of programs automatically.

"For example, in the past I allowed my first experience with orgasm to program and imprint specific tapeloops in my sexual pattern or rhythm. During my life, different partners changed this patterning in one way or another. Some programs seemed to me fairly invariant across partners; this of course was a belief to be transcended, as John would say. The older I became, the more I realized that transcendence of the belief was possible and true. If you have ever had an orgasm in your toe, for example, it certainly frees up your beliefs about sexual body-geography. The meditation of precise construction in one's sexual mapmaking can lead you to enter new (or expanded old) domains. Such maps will or will not be powerful, depending oh your beliefs about the power of your own maps and metamaps.

"It is possible, I believe, for all of us to expand, when in an awake state, our moments/eternities in this mystical state.

"I appeal to your best thinking. Instead of getting out of your head, use this metaprogramming to program yourself into desired states, and free you from habitual, undesired repeating states.

"Jnana-yoga, a way of wisdom, can lead to new sexual experience beyond one's 'expected fixed patterns.' "

In our experience in the young male and in the young female, such beliefs and metabeliefs about sex are hard to find. Among

the modern younger generations there is a good deal more freedom in the sexual sphere than when we were young. Each of us was brought up in a family in which the children were expected to restrain the sexual impulses until they were older. In each of us this brought up conditions in which we were able to develop discipline separate from sexual activities and proclivities. I am not saying that this is right or wrong, I am saying this is the way that we were brought up.

There seems to be less of this parental control in the modern world. There is far more experimentation in the sexual sphere among the young. As far as we can find out, this leads to a good deal more freedom to transform this energy while persons are younger, than when we were at that same age. The wisdom of experiment and experience in this area seems to be training the youngsters to be able to select a mate with more freedom than we were able to do on our first tries.

Each of us was married at a rather young age to our first spouses. We are unable to judge the younger generation from the platform on which we were raised. Most of the youngsters who are attracted to us are in a much more free state than we were at their age. In spite of the fact that they have fewer limits than we did, each of us is able to expand those limits at a later age. Thus we have a certain degree of understanding, though I am sure it is not so full as these youngsters will have in their turn when they reach our age.

Thus I feel that, in the future there will be an expansion of conscious understanding of these processes way beyond that of my particular generation.

For example, one young lady recently told us that she had read all of the pornography that was available and had gotten thoroughly bored with it. It may well be that pornography will become in the future merely another form of literary presentation and if it is not well done, it will disappear. What used to be surprising and shocking in this area is now becoming merely boring. The new freedom to write about and to publish material about sexual activities has overshot its mark. I suspect that in the future sex will take its proper place as a part of human life, neither repressed nor made to seem flamboyant. It is al-ready viewed in this way by a very large segment of our younger generation. It looks as though sexual crimes result from sexual repression. With the new freedom to treat sex as a natural function, sexual crimes should decrease and finally disappear.

Thus as the belief systems in the consensus social reality are modified and become more in consonance with our true nature, as we examine those belief systems and transcend them, it may be possible for most of humanity to become enlightened, Illuminated, informed, educated and sophisticated in terms of what man really is, rather than what some powerful people of the past have tried to make him/her appear to be.

The yoga of Western science, especially in biology applied to our own species, tells us what we biologically really are. Through this yoga we will realize that we have placed arbitrary limits upon a biology that does not recognize those limits. As we also perfect the yoga of our minds we will remove the strictures, the highly artificial, man-made strictures that exist upon our minds. We will all realize Union in the highest sense of this termspiritual Union with that which we can become through freeing up our mind from the strictures laid upon it in the past. The true wisdom of the body will be transformed into the true wisdom of the mind, which will then be transformed into the true wisdom of the spirit. Defeatist and negative doctrines of the past will die out and disappear.

Realistically these are my hopes, these are the hopes of our dyad. Such hopes presume a sufficient spread of metabeliefs suitable to our species, agreed upon metabeliefs, which will give freedom in the bodily, mental and spiritual realms throughout our planet. Apparently there are enough teachers now throughout the world to exact this goal. There is a sufficient number of followers of these teachers to expand the human species to its full potential.

Of course, all of this postulates that we will not destroy ourselves in our international and planetwide conflictseconomic, martial, political conflicts, which at times look overwhelmingly large and almost impossible to solve. It is no longer possible, without destroying the whole human race, to foster beliefs that are parochial, nationalistic, racial or shortsighted, else the human race will be terminated, not worthy of its place upon the planet earth.

This do I believe, and I hope that my species will transcend and create, rather than destroy, this beautiful planet.

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