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A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tanner

A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tanner
Title: A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tanner
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Table of Contents:

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  1. John Tanner (1780 1846) A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tanner, (U.S. interpreter at the Saut de Ste. Marie,): during thirty years residence among the Indians in the interior of N
  2. CHAPTER I Recollections of early life. Capture. Journey from the mouth of the Miami to Sa-gui-na
  3. CHAPTER II First attempt to hunt. Measles. Trapping martins. Emigration to Red River. Death of my foster father and brother. Arrival at Lake Winnipek.
  4. CHAPTER III Friendly reception among the Indians on the Assinneboin. Prairie Portage. Net-no-kwas dream, and its fulfillment. Meet with Pe-shau-ba, a distinguished warrior of the Ottawwaws. J
  5. CHAPTER IV Elk hunting. Beaver and buffalo hunting. Endangered in killing a buffalo cow. Fall Indians. Return to Rainy Lake. Swamp River and Portage. The Begwionusko River and Lake. Hone
  6. CHAPTER V Medicine hunting. Indolence of an Indian hunter, and consequent suffering of his family. Relief from humane traders. A hunter amputates his own arm. Moose chase. Hospitality of Sah
  7. CHAPTER VI Failure of an attempt to accompany a war-party to the Missouri. Removal to Elk River. Joined in my hunting grounds by some Naudoways, from Lower Canada. Hospitality of the Crees. Pr
  8. CHAPTER VII I receive a proposal from a chief to marry his daughter. Theft and drunkenness. Manner of pursuing the elk on foot. Disease and great mortality among the beaver. Second offer of ma
  9. CHAPTER VIII Preparation for a war excursion. Herds of buffalo heard at a great distance. Terrible conflicts among the bulls. Observances of the young warriors. Ko-zau-bun-ziche-e-gun, or divi
  10. CHAPTER IX Visit to several Assinneboin villages, in pursuit of stolen horses. Peculiar customs. I seize a horse belonging to an Assinneboin. War excursion to Turtle Mountain. Battle at a vill
  11. CHAPTER X Presence of mind and self-devotedness in an Indian mother. Indian warfare. Conversation of a chief. Winter hunt on the Begwionusko River. Medicine hunting. Customs, in cases of man
  12. CHAPTER XI Rapacity of the traders. Revelation of Manito-o-geezhik. Pretensions of As-kaw-ba-wis. Credulity of the Indians. Colony at Red River, planted by the Hudsons Bay traders. Large wa
  13. CHAPTER XII Superstitions of the Indians. Violent and unjust prejudice. Family misfortunes. Remarkable tenacity of life in the otter, and some other small animals. Disturbances between the Hud
  14. CHAPTER XIII Suffering of the Ojibbeways from hunger. Persecutions of Waw-be-be-nai-sa, and unkindness of my Indian relatives. Journey to Detroit. Governor Cass. Council at St. Mary, on the Mi
  15. CHAPTER XIV Journey to Kentucky. Hospitalities of the whites. Return to Detroit. Jackson. St. Louis. General Clark. Return to the Lake of the Woods. Col. Dickson. Second journey to St.
  16. CHAPTER XV Transactions of the agents and clerks of the American Fur Company, in the country about the Lake of the Woods.
  17. Notes for the Text

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