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Dying by the Sword

Dying by the Sword
Title: Dying by the Sword
: 3.2 of 5, readers votes - 5
Genre: thriller
Annotation:New from `a gifted writer` (VICTORIA THOMPSON) who brings mystery to 17th-century France.

As the Four Musketeers race to save Porthos`s servant from the gallows, they run afoul of Cardinal Richelieu, who is investigating a far more serious matter a plot against the life of the king.
Table of Contents:

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  1. Sarah DAlmeida Dying by the Sword
  2. Those Who Live by the Sword; The Honor of a Musketeer s Servant; All for One
  3. The Antechamber of Monsieur de Treville; The Inadvisability of Tempting a Musketeer; The Limits of the Possible
  4. Doubts and Fears; The Ever Vanishing Musketeers; Only One Thing To Do
  5. Grief and Comfort; Where Mousqueton s Reputation is Tarnished; The Merest Acquaintances
  6. Hammers and Swords; The Tendency of Objects Not To Fall; Where Porthos Decides It Would be a Bad Idea To Drop Objects on His Own Head
  7. Monsieur D Artagnan Searches for a Position; Bread, Soup, and the Friendship of a Gascon; A Clatter in the Night
  8. The Palais Cardinal; The Shadow of a Shadow; The Devil by the Tail
  9. The Bravery of Youth; Porthos s Defense; Ghost Tale
  10. Instead of Love; The Many Forms of Forgetting; Where Athos Sometimes Was Correct
  11. The Spider s Web; Where Old Enemies Are Much Like Old Friends; The Loyalty of a Worthy Man
  12. A Fortuitous Meeting; Where Three Friends Are Better Than One; The Impossibility of Two Musketeers Dueling One Guard
  13. A Ghost Walking; A Musketeer s Conscience; Where Athos Understands Porthoss Difficulties
  14. Where the Importance of Melons Must Outweigh that of Hammers; Brandy and Blood; A Musketeer s Trust
  15. Where Aramis Talks of Conspiracy and Athos Talks of Ghosts; The Honor of a Nobleman
  16. The Garden after the Fall; Where Aramis Knows Several Men; The Cardinal s New Right Hand
  17. Where Monsieur Aramis Attempts to Investigate; Creditors with No Sense of Humor; It Is Better to Bless Than to Fight
  18. Where D Artagnan Wakes Up in a Strange Bed; The Doubts of a Loving Heart; A Woman of Dazzling Beauty
  19. The Importance of Private Correspondence; No Gainsaying the Count
  20. Coffins and Boxes; Where When Praying Fails and Threats Wither, a Good Solid Back and Shoulder Shall Set You Free
  21. The Etiquette of Visiting a Noble Foreigner; Where D Artagnans Heart and Mind War; What Planchet Knows
  22. Where Athos Tries to Understand the Impossible; Porthos Contemplates the Inscrutable; And Madame Bonacieux Keeps Her Silence
  23. The Disadvantages of a Hot Day; Many Ways to Slacken Thirst; Evangelists and Pigs
  24. Where Athos Is Inspected; The Lady Is the Tiger; And Porthos Disappears
  25. Monsieur D Artagnans Social Scruples; A Guards Conscience; Where a Good Head Is an Unreliable Asset
  26. The Many Uses of a Dish of Pigeons; A Parlor Boarder in the Bastille; A Confused Tale of Young Love
  27. Where Monsieur D Artagnan Wakes Up; The Strangeness of a Strange Bed; Fleur-de-Lis
  28. Where Monsieur le Comte Receives Several Surprises; The Difference Between a Roasted Chicken and a Live Countess; Athos Loses his Battle with Reality
  29. A Head Like a Case of Rapiers; Where Some Ladies Must Be Protected and Others Delight in Danger
  30. Where His Musketeerness Discusses a Plan; The Advantages of Dealing with a Shifty Character
  31. Where Athos Courts Danger; And a Lady Takes Up Arms
  32. And with a Moo and a Cackle and an Oink Oink There
  33. A Surfeit of Roasted Chicken; A Letter from a Lady
  34. Sarah DAlmeida

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