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Throne of Stars

Throne of Stars
Title: Throne of Stars
Author: Weber David + Ringo John
: 2.7 of 5, readers votes - 9
Genre: heroic
Annotation:Books3 and4 in the *New York* *Times* best-selling Empire of Man series: *March to the Stars* and *We Few,*
both *New York Times* bestsellers.
Prince Roger MacClintock was an heir to the galaxy's Throne of Man and a self-obsessed spoiled young bratthat is, until he and the Royal Marines sent to protect him were stranded by an assassination attempt on the wild and dangerous planet of Marduk. After much travail, Roger has developed into a competent and compassionate leader of men. That competence will be tested when Roger and the Marines face an even greater challenge.The Throne of Man has been usurped.With his brother dead and the forces of an interstellar empire arrayed against him, Roger must avenge his family and fight for the just rule of a thousand stars.
**About The Empire of Man Series:
** 'Will fascinate sophisticated readers (the manual of arms for a four-armed, ten-foot soldier is a thing of beauty) . . . [and] grip straightforward action lovers.'*Publishers Weekly
*'Coauthors Weber and Ringo excel in depicting the lives and times of soldiers both on and off the battlefield.'* Library Journal*
### About the Author
**David Weber** is the science fiction publishing phenomenon of the new millennium,with over 7.8 million copies of his books in print and 17 titles on the *New York Times* bestseller list. Books in the Honor Harrington and Honoverse series have appeared on fourteen best seller lists,including those of *The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times* , and *USA Today.* Weber is also the creator of the Oath of Swords fantasy series and the Dahak saga.Weber has also written highly popular collaborations, including his Starfire Series with Steve White, the *New York Times* bestseller *The Shiva Option* among others *.* Webers collaboration with alternate history masterEric Flint led to the bestselling *1634: The Baltic War* His planetary adventure novels with military science fictionace John Ringo includes the blockbusters *March to the Stars* and *We Few.* Weber has also emerged as ayoung adultNew York Times best-selling author with his novels, *A Beautiful Friendship* and *Fire Season.* Weber makes his home in South Carolina with his wife and children.
**John Ringo** brings fighting to life. Heis the creator of the Posleen Wars series, which has become a *New York Times* best-selling series with over 3.3 million books in print and 10 *New York Times* bestsellers. The series contains *A Hymn Before Battle,* *Gust Front* , *When the Devil Dances* , *Hells Faire* and *Eye of the Storm*. In addition, Ringo has penned the Council War series: *There Will be Dragons* , *Emerald Sea* , *Against the Tide* , and *East of the Sun, West of the Moon*. Adding another dimension to his skills, Ringo created nationally best-selling techno-thriller novels about Mike Harmon ( *Ghost* , *Kildar* , *Choosers of the Slain* , *Unto the Breach* , *A Deeper Blue,* and, with Ryan Sear, *Tiger by the Tail* ). His techno-thriller *The Last Centurion* was also a national best seller. A more playful twist on the future is found in novels of the Looking Glass series: *Into the Looking Glass* , *Vorpal Blade* , *Manxome Foe* and *Claws That Catch* , the last three in collaboration with the Rocket City RedneckTravis S. Taylor. His audience was further enhanced with four collaborations with fellow *New York Times* best-selling author David Weber: *March Upcountry* , *March to the Sea* , *March to the Stars* and *We Few*. There are an additional five collaborative spinoffs from the Posleen series: *The Hero* , written with Michael Z. Williamson, *Watch on the Rhine* , *Yellow Eyes* and *The Tuloriad* , all written with Tom Kratman, and the *New York Times* best seller *Callys War* and its sequels *Sister Time* and *Honor of the Clan* , both with Julie Cochrane. In addition, Ringos *Princess of Wands* and *Queen of Wands* broke new ground in contemporary fantasy adventure. A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, Ringo brings first-hand knowledge of military operations to his fiction.****

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